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Noveletti Brings Ambiance

Some artists paint with oils. Some sculpt with bronze. Noveletti designs with flourishing air plants.


It all started when…

My friend asked me to spice up his jacuzzi wall. I love nature and knew about the fabulous pallet of air plant colors, textures and shapes. A light bulb went on in by head to use air plants as an art media. I designed a 6' x 20' wave picture, selected some cool air plants, and delicately wired each one to a steel mesh.

My friend loves his living wall so much, I decided that part of my life’s purpose is to bring joy and beauty to others with Botanical Mosaics.

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Nancy Whitney

Noveletti Owner, Mechanical Engineer, Designer, Air Plant Enthusiast and Health Nut

Nancy started Noveletti 15 years ago with an invention that magnetically holds bar soap over your sink. There’s no mess. Designs won a best new product award at the Kitchen and Bath International Show.

Passion and spirit. The thrill of the new and undiscovered. Finding opportunity where few else would even look.

We can even model the designs on a computer.

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Noveletti’s mission is to turn ideas into useful products that just might take your breath away.


Noveletti Air Plants


There are about 650 species of evergreen, flowering AIR PLANTS, native to the forests, mountains and deserts of warm climates. Air plants are from the genus Tillandsia and the family Bromeliaceae.

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Air Plant Origins

Air Plants are native to Southeastern United States, Mexico, South America and mid Africa.

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Blooms Attract Hummingbirds

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Moisture is Gathered by Leaves

Surprisingly, their leaves are covered with fuzz like cells (trichomes) capable of rapidly absorbing ambient humidity. Roots are just for hanging on.

We select plants that are acclimated to southern California.

Air plants are slow growing. They will keep the picture pattern for a long time.

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Momma and Pup

Air plants reproduce through seeds and pups.

Your Botanical Mosaic is EASY to take care of. Along the coast, just sprinkle with water once a week. A monthly misting with liquid fertilizer is optional. Most air plants prefer to be partially shaded from intense afternoon sun. They live for years in above freezing climates.

Noveletti delicately cradles each plant into the picture with love. Each wire holder is engineered to position, allow for growth and become part of the artwork. We care.

Enjoy Noveletti Botanical Mosaics!